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Cloud-check-in is an Intelligent cloud-based attendance management software that allows for real-time tracking and automated payroll processing in a matter of minutes without the need for user intervention.

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How It Works

Get employee time and attendance reports fast and accurately with the CloudCheckIn Biometric attendance system. It has a wide range of security products which are suitable for your remote working as well as for your office.Cloud-based Biometric device provides you the facility to centralize employee attendance data of multiple locations in one place and downloads it according to your need.

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A geofence is a parameter boundary created around the location of a smartphone or other device, based on GPS or RFID signals.

Manage Attendance

Cloud-check-in is an Intelligent cloud-based attendance management software that allows for real-time tracking

More than just Attendance Software

Workforce Management

Manage your employee life cycle from on boarding to leaving, publish letters and more.

Performance Insights

Meet organizational goals & improve performance with constant feedbacks.


Increase employee morale & advance employee engagement using engagement tools.


Communication & collaboration tool that conveys your teams together anytime, wherever you needed.

QServices Inc. brings Cloud-Check-In a real-time tracking inbuilt Payroll System.

Download the Cloudcheck In App and get the tasks you need to complete with just a tap of the button. You can also browse available tasks and earn money wherever you go.

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Here is a detailed view of the Android application helping you to understand the business better.

Our Development Process

An attendance management system is any solution that monitors an employee’s time spent in the office. Our team of developers thinks about how to develop such an app that runs accurately in remote working also. They read necessary studies, and after that, they make a successful remote attendance management software cum app for employers and employees of a company that runs smoother in remote work.

Increase employee productivity

Reduce errors & admin cost

Enhance security

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